Get Lit to Climate Change


Photo of Cosmo Pykes (that’s his real name) taken from his Soundcloud page.

Favorite Song of the Week:

One of my old school friends suggested this song to me last night, knowing very well my previous obsessions with King Krule (where you at) and Mac Demarco. She was spot on guessing that I would fall in love with the song immediately, seeing as I’ve had on repeat for the past 24 hours. Social Sites has the same beachy (though somehow city) vibes as Archy and Mac. however, the track sports a reverbed, coil guitar strumming along distant drum beat, making the listener feel they’re walking along some old pier in the middle of july, or j chilling with the chillest people on a london rooftop. Also, a huge bonus, at least I think, is Cosmo Pykes’ south london accent;)

A little bit about the artist: Cosmo Pykes

— He’s an 18 year musician from Peckham, London, England and a graduate from the highly esteemed Brit School in Croydon. And he’s not the first dude I’ve been obsessed with from Brit: shout out to Archy, Loyle Carner, and the whole Sub Luna City gang.

So if you’re guiltily enjoying this climate change weather like I am (how is it above 70 degrees in the middle of February?), make sure to listen to Social Sites by Cosmo Pykes, you won’t regret it:)


*P.S. I don’t own this photo.



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