pre-spring break music

Spring break is slowly creeping in as the final four days are slowing, and painfully, passing by. It’s truly been a week of mayhem; waking up early to finish projects I should’ve finished days ago, and weaving around a plethora of friendship drama brought on by the crazy weather.

Lucky for me, however, I’ve been relatively calm, cool, and collected. That’s right, your girl Ensie has been completing her school work and staying out of drama amidst this intense part of the school year. Lowkey, I think it’s because of my chill af music selections, if I do say so myself:) So here is the list of songs these past of couple of days to keep calm and enjoy the beginning of Spring, enjoy!!

RYD by Steve Lacy: 

Social Sites by Cosmo Pykes:


October by Loyle Carner:

4r Da Sqaw by Isaiah Rashad:

p.s. I’m currently trying to choose whether to marry Loyle Carner or Steve Lacy lol

— Ensie



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