Frank Ocean’s “Chanel” — Track Review by moi

Can we quick just talk about the mad vibes in Frank’s new song though?
It’s no secret that he’s always on that “I’m gonna make you cry and hit the folks at the time” vibe but he really took it to a new level in this track.

The song is built off of muddy, and sort of “out-of-tune” piano chords all floating behind heavy sounding, dampened drums. Sporting his poignant and wide-ranging vocals, the overall feel is atmospheric as the listener just sort of floats around in the world that Frank has created. And of course, the lyrics and hooks are amazing as well. Although there’s not the “traditional” song structure, each verse boasts a new melody that is then followed by the hook “See both sides like Chanel/ look at both sides like Chanel”.

I listened to the song for the first time this morning and I got so lit to it lol. To me, it kind of felt like a continuation of Blond, since it has the same quietness but sense of urgency(??) . However, there are parts where Frank is noticeably more aggressive and harder than he was on most tracks in Blond, especially when he says “How you gon’ whatever whatever”. But honestly I feel like those are the best moments of the song. He shows us an often subdued side of him but still manages keep us on that chill wave/flow.

Alright, for those who haven’t listen yet, I won’t keep spoiling the song for you but you need get on it right now. Like, right now. 

As always, thanks for reading:))

— Ensie 


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